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MLA in-text and works cited handouts 0 replies Handouts
Re: What is a proper way to use a dash - (or hyphen) in writing? 0 replies Grammar
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how to use an ellipsis correctly 1 reply Punctuation
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quotes in a conclusion paragraph 4 replies Conclusion Paragraphs
paraphrasing and citing sources 0 replies Formats
Re: What is a proper way to use a dash - (or hyphen) in writing? 3 replies Grammar
Re: Headings vs. Topic Sentences: 0 replies Body Paragraphs
Re: How do you use a quotation in the body of the paragraph? What is the right punctuation to do that? 0 replies Punctuation
Re: Argument 1 reply Body Paragraphs
citing an interview or observation 0 replies Formats
citing powerpoint presentation 0 replies Formats
in-text citations for online sources 0 replies Formats
Re: What is unity? 0 replies Unity
What is unity? 4 replies Unity